Aries Intuitive Monthly Horoscope – July 2018

July brings a mixed bag of celestial energies

Zodiac - Aries
Zodiac - Aries

July asks you to take the good with the bad and embrace the mixed bag of celestial energies that will take you on a rollercoaster throughout the month


The month of July brings life-changing energies that will ask you to dance with them. Jupiter finally goes direct on the 10th of July, which means any treasure you have been mining for can be brought to the surface.

Hold onto this treasure, as it will see you through great impulses for change.  The new moon on the 13th is a partial solar eclipse that is opposite the planet of power and control, Pluto.

At the end of the month, on the 26th, we will experience a total lunar eclipse conjunct a retrograde Mars. Universal instincts will be strong throughout July. Egos will be stripped, like in the story of the Emperor’s new clothes.

Finally, Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Leo on the 26th. Until early September, it is important to remember to listen and not assume anything.

But how will these energies personally impel you? This reading is for Aries sun sign, ascendant sign, or moon sign:


Don’t throw your pearls before the swine

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You are vocalizing your creative expression, and instinctively feel you are representing yourself in your words. However, somehow your perceived audience feels as though it is unenthused. Chances are you are still in the exuberant early stages of bringing your gifts to the world, and time must be spent refining the products of those gifts.

By the end of the month, your community’s lack of enthusiasm may cause you to worry that your financial situation will be unpredictable, and you may feel conflicted. However, utilize the time to examine your market. When the time is right, likely by late August, you will gain a second wind to push forward again. Pitching your creative gifts to the world will be more successful then. In fact, you will notice that you had not been aiming at the correct demographic until that time.


When Jupiter Turns Direct

There is a potential for financial support from outside sources, as you progress through July. Additionally, any efforts you make towards deepening intimacy with a significant otbher will feel spiritually profound.


Power packed lunar action

New Moon on the 13th:  Your intuition is to strengthen the foundations in your private world and reaffirm all family connections. Ultimately, this feels like the logical solution to any public power struggles that are confronting in your efforts to achieve your life goals. Making sure that you can endure any weather that life throws your way.

Full Moon on the 27th: Your intuition encouraging you to express yourself creatively reflects upon the people whom you share your creative expression. What do you see in that reflection? Are you wearing the Emperor’s new clothes? Are your gifts authentic, or merely what you think others will flatter you for?


Mercury Retrograde

Mercury begins the second of its three annual retrogrades, on the 26th of July, and will last a few weeks. For Aries, this will be a time whereby you would do well to review all of your creative endeavors. Bide your time, and don’t throw any of your gifts before the swine. Also, you would do well to pull out an old project to rework on.

There may also be a chance of reconnection with an old romantic flame. However, any new romances started now will likely fizzle out within around a month.

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