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The Greek word telos, means purpose, an end, goal or aim. The Argentinian cultural practice of sexual exploits explains the meaning of this word. Nevertheless, the Argentine definition of Telos is slang for Hotel, which is their aim or end goal.

The Telos is a business market mainly in Buenos Aires that has grown to great popularity. Based on a brothel model, these luxury hotels offer rooms to whoever will pay. Rentals are hourly or overnight. Sometimes breakfast is included. Bookings are very tightly scheduled. With this in mind, timing is everything. The hotels do make a point of cleaning between each occupant. This means depending on the day; a cleaning could be scheduled every hour or a couple of hours.



In general, the adulterous population tends to occupy rooms during the weekdays. Squeezing in a mid morning rendezvous or an afternoon delight will break up the work week and harbor satisfaction. Younger people are more active on weekends. Often looking for a place to go for privacy because most of these young people live with their parents. If you live with your parents, your responsibilities are questionable at best.

It is not uncommon for frequents to see others they recognize. In these situations, discretion and secrecy are key. A young teen wouldn’t want to tell her friend she saw a friend’s father with a woman other than the friend’s mother. The situation could get complicated.


What does this say about the Argentinian culture?

Adultery doesn’t seem to bother anyone. Feeling satisfied is the telos of the day. Instead of paying a prostitute, now you can take your best friend and pay for a romp in a luxurious romantic place. Just don’t forget you are timed and limited.




Additionally, a drive-through option is available. Preferences exist for those who wish not to be seen or are too tacky to get out of the car. Time is still reserved, and you have to be at the top of your game to get your rocks off as quickly and efficiently as you can.



This sex culture is accepted and growing

Telos have the reputation of being the “occasion destination.” Anniversaries, birthdays, and the simple get me off for the evening coitus with fine dining, and private baths are always good marketing tools.  Unfortunately for the hotels, business is dropping due to inflation and more understanding parents.

After the outlaw of whore houses in Buenos Aires in the 1940s, the idea of hotel room rentals by the hour was born. Those who searched for sexually perverted outlets found hoteliers to house their escapades. Eventually, with more sexual revolution and sexual freedoms, the telos took on a life of its own. Now it is the social center and purpose of every date, meeting, or long-term exploitive relationship.

Telos hosted many fugitives during the dictatorship gaining political popularity. You can be sure they still hide many dark secrets and others who wish to remain anonymous.





Pleasure centers available everywhere

The effect telos will have on the current generation seems to be decreasing because of parental leniency. In a culture brazenly sexually active with no regard for family or consequences, a daily dose of orgasmic pleasure remains part of the menu. These pay by the hour pleasure centers are on every other corner, so you can’t miss an opportunity if you want one.

These establishments are available to everyone. It used to be only a male and female couple could enter. Currently, same-gender couples are required by law to be allowed entry. An age limit of 18 is mandatory; however, when and how this law is enforced remains a question. Low end and high-end hotels serve all clienteles, including prostitutes, teens, married couples and just about any other sexual encounter that money can buy.

Argentinians are very expressive by nature, and they are not afraid of public displays of affection. Consequently, it is not unusual to see couples kissing, hugging and holding hands at bus stops, restaurants, and bars. In the instance that your pda reaches a level you wish to satisfy, the local Telos is always available. Go ahead act on your every impulse! No one will ever know.


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