OMG! Apocalyptic Cloud Stops ISIS – Video


Is this apocalyptic cloud the hand of God?

Israeli soldiers stationed on the Syrian/Israeli border became awestruck by an apocalyptic looking cloud. This followed the elimination of two ISIS fighters on the Syria/Israel border on November 27. In fact, many religious fanatics consider this a divine intervention ancient religious texts have long predicted.

Amazingly, a colossal wall of cloud sat protectively along the border fence between the two countries just four days later. Excitedly, soldiers captured this enigmatic phenomenon on their cell phones. Furthermore, they claimed that the cloud appeared to be generating a turbulent storm on the side of the fence where ISIS had attacked them from. Despite this, on the Israeli side, it was calm.

Suddenly, the internet became electrified by enthused religious believers. The images whipped believers up into a frenzy of excitement. Many of them commenting that they are convinced they have witnessed a heavenly fist intervening. A divine intervention bringing victory in the war against ISIS. For millennia they have been anticipating such signs signifying the end of the world as we currently know it.

Skeptics nevertheless have been quick to clarify that this phenomenon is actually very common, and nothing supernatural. The soldiers observed a type of cloud called an Arcus cloud,  more commonly known as a shelf cloud. Apparently, they are very common at this time of year, in this area of the world.