Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony More Funny Than “The Big Bang Theory”

September 14, 2017, Harvard University present Nobel prizes for Improbable science

Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony More Funny Than “The Big Bang Theory”
Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony More Funny Than “The Big Bang Theory”

Harvard University presents Ig Nobel Prize

In September 2017 Harvard University hosted a ceremony presenting 10 Ig Nobel Prize Winners. Each winner received One Trillion Zimbabwe dollars for their efforts in the continuity of scientific study.

The Physics prize was awarded to France in the field of fluid dynamics. Research showed that a cat could be fluid or a solid. The definition of a fluid is a substance that can adapt to the shape of its container. The kittens and cats in the study did indeed fit inside the shapes in which they were placed.

The Peace prize went to Switzerland, Canada, The Netherlands and the USA for the discovery of the effects of regular play of a didgeridoo in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.

Australia and the USA hold the prize in economics. It shows the correlation of contact with live crocodiles on the willingness to gamble and take risks. Their research included 100 tours.

The Anatomy prize went to the United Kingdom. The medical research concluded with graphed data why old men have big ears. According to research, ears grow approximately two millimeters per decade.


Flying paper airplane target broke up the monotony of the award ceremony

The Biology award went to Japan, Brazil, and Switzerland for discovering a cave insect that could change the definition of male and female. The female insect had a penis and the male a vagina.

Fluid dynamics award went to South Korea and the USA. After many hours and days of research, the scientist concluded what happens during liquid sloshing. When a person holds a cup of coffee, it is most important to hold the cup from the top and walk backward. This will prevent spillage. However, most important point realized from this study was the amount of coffee you can drink.

The nutrition award went to Brazil, Canada, and Spain. They discovered the first scientific report of human blood in the diet of the hairy-legged vampire bat. During the awards ceremony, a bat was missing. The audience was carefully advised to notify an usher upon discovery.




From France and the United Kingdom comes the category of Medicine

Using advanced MRI imaging, scientists measure the extent to which some people are disgusted by cheese.

The cognition award went to Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The study noted identical twins couldn’t distinguish themselves apart visually. Although, the face is the most distinctive feature.

Finally, was the field of obstetrics. This award came with a new device called the “Baby pod.” It demonstrates how a developing fetus responds more to music placed electromechanically through a woman’s vagina than her belly. The Baby pod is a device that is inserted much like a tampon for baby’s audio enjoyment.

The Ceremony also featured an Opera and several experiments timed out. But it was a humorous scientific evening that could compete with any twenty-minute episode of Big Bang Theory.

The 27th awards ceremony was an event not to be missed. For those who appreciate both humor and science, these awards demonstrate how absurd science and the pursuit of scientific study can be. In contrast, it also shows us how much fun it is to think about the ridiculousness.

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