OMG! Animals on the Verge of Extinction (video)

Animals on the Verge of Extinction
Animals on the Verge of Extinction

Sadly, many of the beautiful animals on our planet will soon disappear

Unfortunately, human’s seem to forget they share this planet with a myriad of animal species. Regrettably, greed and lack of education are a devastating threat to our animal neighbors. Urgently, the people of the world need to reconsider their actions and work to reverse the reasons why these animals at the verge of extinction are at risk.


Animals on the Verge of Extinction
Animals on the Verge of Extinction


Devastatingly, animals that face extinction have their homes destroyed and killed en mass. As soon as possible, the people of the planet need to reconsider their actions and work to protect these majestic beasts before it is too late.

Accordingly, we list below the most interesting endangered animals that might be extinct shortly. We ask, how are animals becoming extinct? Furthermore, what can be done to keep them from disappearing forever off the face of the planet?



Animals on the Verge of Extinction - Leopard
Animals on the Verge of Extinction – Leopard

The Amur Leopard are a rare sub-species located in Far East Russia. While they have adapted to a different climate, they still share similar characteristics to other leopards. Spectacularly, they run at a speed of almost 60 kilometers per hour.

Remarkably, too, they also can leap up to 6 meters. As well, their lifespan is between 10-15 years. Interestingly, in captivity, there is a case of one of these leopards living for 20 years.

Sadly, the leopard is under threat by poachers, as their coat is valuable to sell. Devastatingly also, their source of food is also becoming scarce due to deforestation. Consequently, anti-poaching brigades work within the nature reserves protecting the leopards. Nevertheless, the primary concern seems to be the scarcity of prey for these beautiful animals.

Devastatingly, there are only approximately 57 left.



Animals on the Verge of Extinction - Rhino
Animals on the Verge of Extinction – Rhino

General world rhino populations are under threat. However, the Sumatran Rhino and Javan Rhino are critically endangered. A subspecies of the Javan Rhino did become extinct in 2011. Incredibly, this magnificent animal has survived for millennia. In fact, ancient peoples depicted them in cave-paintings. They are famous for their large horn on their nose, and another on their forehead.

Sadly, several things have led to population depletion. Javan Rhinos have been contracting diseases and dying. The area these particular rhinos live in is susceptible to natural disasters. These could include tsunamis or even a volcanic eruption.
Their habitat is also gravely under threat.

The forest the rhinos live in is rapidly transforming into illegal coffee and rice plantations. But one of the most devastating threats is poaching. The horns of the rhino make a big profit on the black market.

Efforts are being made by conservationists to track and arrest poachers. There are under 50 Javan rhinos left, and about 100 Sumatran rhinos left.



Animals on the Verge of Extinction - Gorilla
Animals on the Verge of Extinction – Gorilla

Gorillas are our closest cousins. In fact, they are highly intelligent and share 98.3% of their DNA with us. Consequently, many of their emotions and behaviors are just like ours.

The threats to Gorilla populations are numerous. Sadly, diseases are a big killer, and in 2003 scientists estimated that Ebola had killed a 3rd of all wild gorillas. Furthermore, other diseases they contract include TB, scabies and respiratory infections. In fact, it humans that pass many of these diseases onto them.
Furthermore, Hunting is a large problem. For example, many Central African cultures eat gorilla meat. Ultimately though, it is habitat loss which is creating untold devastation. Greed, via logging and mining, is rapidly destroying the gorilla’s forest home.

Currently, all Gorilla species are critically endangered. Devastatingly, of the mountain gorilla species, only 600 remain.


Hawksbill Turtle

Animals on the Verge of Extinction - Hawksbill Turtle
Animals on the Verge of Extinction – Hawksbill Turtle

Hawksbill turtles live in coral reefs in tropical oceans. They are closely related to reptiles that once lived on earth 100 million years ago. In fact, they are an essential part of the marine ecosystem, as the health of seagrass beds and the coral reefs, depends upon them.

They have a beautiful and distinct pattern on their shells. Incidentally, this is a large reason for their critically endangered status. In fact, they are the source of the beautiful “tortoiseshell” you may have seen in markets and made into luxury items.

As well as falling victim to the illegal wildlife trade, they often find themselves trapped in gill nets and fishing hooks. Certainly, these are not intended for them. Nevertheless, it causes them to suffocate and die.

Fortunately, The World Wildlife Fund is working to establish protected reserves for the turtle. Presently, turtles are tagged and monitored via satellite. Furthermore, fisheries are also encouraged to use alternatively shaped fishing hooks. Additionally, the satellite tracking can also alert fisheries to avoid the area in which these turtles are.



Animals on the Verge of Extinction - Orangutan
Animals on the Verge of Extinction – Orangutan

The Malay refer to the orangutan as forest men. They act as the gardeners of tropical forests as they enable seed dispersal. The reproduce very slowly. Sometimes it can be half a decade between babies being born to the same mother.

Sadly, hunting is devastating to orangutan populations. For example, they don’t move fast and are therefore easy to capture. Furthermore, combined with the devastating deforestation of their habitats, their populations are dwindling rapidly. Sadly, the gluttonous market for palm oil is devastating their homes.

Encouragingly, there is much pressure to enforce the illegality of the trade. Unfortunately, places like Indonesia enjoy keeping them as pets.

Currently, there are approximately only 7,500 Sumatran orangutan left.




Animals on the Verge of Extinction - Pangolin
Animals on the Verge of Extinction – Pangolin

The pangolin is an adorable scaly creature that can roll itself into a ball. They are nocturnal, and solitary, and located in Asia and Africa. Often, they are mistaken for reptiles, but they are in fact mammals. Interestingly, they walk on their hind legs and have finger-like claws.

At present, Pangolins are probably the most trafficked animal on earth. Sadly, they are hunted illegally for their meat and their scales. Horrifyingly, the Chinese and Vietnamese use their scales in traditional medicine.

Fortunately, The World Wildlife Fund and TRAFFIC are very active in enforcing the protection of pangolin. Additionally, a global trade agreement hopes to help also.

Sadly, around 100,000 are annually captured and killed.



Animals on the Verge of Extinction - Saola
Animals on the Verge of Extinction – Saola

Fascinatingly, the West only recently discovered the saola in 1992. They are a cross between an antelope and a cow and have parallel horns on their head. Interestingly, the Saola lives only in the Annamite mountains which extend along the Vietnamese and Laos border.

Unfortunately, this beautiful animal was under threat even before it’s discovery. Experts estimate a remaining population of only a few hundred. Deforestation is destroying the Saola’s habitat, as humans expand their infrastructure and agriculture. Subsequently, this leaves the saola vulnerable to hunters. Also, sadly, many saolas become captured in traps intended for wild boar or deer.

In conclusion, by protecting their habitat, this species will gain a good chance of survival.


South China Tiger

Animals on the Verge of Extinction - South China Tiger
Animals on the Verge of Extinction – South China Tiger

Sadly, the Chinese consider this beautiful and regal animal to be a mere pest. The South China tiger population has been so severely decimated that they are extinct in the wild. As it is, the population stands at between 30-80.

Currently, there are plans to release captive-bred tigers into the wild again. However, this could prove difficult mostly because of the devastation to their natural habitat. Additionally, human populations expand rapidly in China. For this reason, their sub-tropical forests are becoming fragmented to areas not big enough to sustain a tiger population.

China has made tiger hunting illegal, but it has proven difficult to enforce.



Animals on the Verge of Extinction - Elephant
Animals on the Verge of Extinction – Elephant

The largest animal that walks the earth is under threat in many parts of the world. They are very familiar to us all, with their long trunks and long tusks. Elephants are matriarchal, and herds are full of females and their young. Consequently, males tend to be solitary. Furthermore, elephants have a long gestation period of 22 months.

Frighteningly, the illegal ivory trade is a massive threat to elephant populations. Sadly, many in the West will still purchase luxury ivory items, despite the associated devastation. Furthermore, elephant habitats are also under threat. Infrastructure and agriculture usurp much of their home. Many farmers see elephants as a threat to their crops and will kill them in retaliation.

Sadly, populations are dwindling. In fact, on Borneo, only 1500 Bornean Pygmy Elephants are still alive.



Animals on the Verge of Extinction - Vaquita
Animals on the Verge of Extinction – Vaquita


This beautiful porpoise is on the verge of extinction. In fact, this means it is the world’s rarest marine animal. The vaquita lives in the Gulf of California. It has a distinctive dark ring surrounding its eyes, and dark patches around its mouth.

Devastatingly, only 30 of these beautiful sea animals remain. Unfortunately, they become victims of illegal gillnets intended for fish. Horrifically, poachers slaughter the animal for their swim bladder, which the Chinese dry and use in soup. Sadly, there is much devastation to its habitat.

Currently, The International Committee for the Recovery of Vaquita (CIRVA) is urgently demanding that sanctuaries be set up. Furthermore, they are hoping that the US Navy will help them round up surviving vaquitas and relocate them. Essentially, the intention is to rebuild the population and enforce their protection.