America’s Got Talent Hits Golden Button For Many Surprising Young New Talent

People of all ages are entertained by watching auditions on the popular Tv show “America’s Got Talent”

America’s Got Talent Hits Golden Button For Many Surprising Young New Talent
America’s Got Talent Hits Golden Button For Many Surprising Young New Talent

Exciting young talent floods the stage with performances and the golden button

The judges hold power to reject, encourage or reward the efforts of all the talent people bring. Although most often you will see people singing, there are other types of performances. Many of them are mind-blowing. There is no lack of talent on this show. Simply a matter of opinion.

Like art, music is also a matter of preference. However, there is no denying the talent brought into the light on this show is Dazzling! Among the list of outstanding auditions, there are a few notable recent young artists.


Celine Tam

YOUTUBE Video (America’s Got Talent)

A nine-year-old girl with a sister who’s named just happens to be Dion, Celine belted out during her first audition, a song by her families beloved singer Celine Dion. She blew away the judges with her energy and voice. Still, you could hear she was only nine. I believe with a little more grown up, and as she matures into her adult voice, we will see much more of her.


Angelica Hale

YOUTUBE Video (America’s Got Talent)

Angelica is also a typical kid wearing sneakers and sporting cute young fashion. But her voice was very mature for her age. Angelica’s stage presence was huge. Her confidence and knowledge of herself were evident.



Darci Lynne Farmer



YOUTUBE Video (America’s Got Talent)


Darci accompanied a puppet rabbit. She believes ventriloquism is an art that is dying and wishes to preserve it. Darci has a beautiful voice which she shared with her rabbit. It was a very entertaining audition.


Angelina Greene

YOUTUBE Video (America’s Got Talent)

A girl who sang through difficulties she experienced in her life, Angelina’s performance was full of soul, expression, and emotion. Her voice was only complementary to the fullness of her achievement.


Christian Guardino

YOUTUBE Video (America’s Got Talent)

Christian admitted to the judges that he was nervous and Simon did a good job at distracting the young singer from his fright. However, when the music started, and he began to sing, everyone was shocked. His voice was moving and strong, his physical expression and vibe were rhythmic, and his performance was breathtaking. All the judges were speechless.


Light Balance

YOUTUBE Video (America’s Got Talent)

This dance group was a total shock. From the creativity of their choreography to their execution, their dance moves, coordination, sync, and energy were professional beyond words. They were immediately recognized for their performance before the judges could react.


Mandy Harvey

YOUTUBE Video (America’s Got Talent)

Perhaps one of the most surprising accomplishments is presented by Mandy. She is a twenty-nine-year-old who suffered from hearing loss. She learned sign language after an accident when she was a teen and has learned how to overcome her loss. Nevertheless, her lack of hearing hasn’t stopped her from being a talent in her own right.

Mandy sang a beautiful song she wrote, with a delicate soprano voice with a quality all its own. Her talent seems effortless.

Each one of the acts received the notable golden button to the delight and merit of each performer.

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