Americans Celebrate National Mojito Day!


Every July 11th, Americans revel in the celebration of National Mojito Day!


Americans love to celebrate, so this happy nation has designated July 11th every year to celebrate National Mojito Day. This delicious and refreshing beverage is a highball traditionally from Cuba.

Allegedly, the name of the drink was derived from “mojo” which is the African word for a spell. Does this mean then that a mojito has magical powers? Well, the crew aboard the ship captained by Sir Francis Drake may tell you that indeed the drink worked some healing magic for them!

The origin of the Mojito is claimed to have come from Drake seeking a remedy for the scurvy and dysentery his crew was suffering, as they sailed around the world in the 1500s. Desperate for to be relieved of their symptoms, they asked local natives for a possible cure. Consequently, these locals offered them the classic ingredients in a Mojito: limes, mint, sugar and of course rum.

Much later, the Mojito became the famed favorite tipple of the esteemed author Ernest Hemmingway.



How to make a classic Mojito?

There are many varied methods to follow when making a Mojito. Also, many creative bartenders come up with delicious variations by altering the ingredients slightly. However, how can you simply celebrate National Mojito Day with a standard and classic Mojito?

1. Take a highball class, also known as a Collins glass.

2. Add to the glass around 15 ml of lime juice

3. Combine a teaspoon of sugar, preferably superfine, to the lime juice.

4. Take the rear of a spoon and gently press a few mint leaves along the inside of the glass.

5. Fill the glass with ice to approximately two thirds.

6. Pour in up to 60 ml of rum (skip this step for a non-alcoholic version).

7. Top up the glass with club soda, or a similar seltzer.