OMG! Aliens are Hibernating and Silent

Aliens are Hibernating and Silent
Aliens are Hibernating and Silent

Aliens are hibernating and that’s the real reason we can’t find them


Scientists or whoever wants to prove that aliens exist is stretching things. Now they claim hibernating aliens are silent because of the heat.

How can it be possible that a whole alien civilization thinks the same as our capitalistic narcissistic society? Applying all our theories and ideas about what an alien civilization is or isn’t won’t make it so. There is no scientific evidence to back up any of this garbage. It’s ridiculous and juvenile to apply the excuse they are hiding or hibernating, and that’s why we can’t find them.


Why don’t we all just cover our eyes and play peek-a-boo?

Maybe the aliens are invisible, and that’s why we can’t find them. Perhaps they don’t want to be found because our world of self-absorbed, selfish selfie communities is so incredibly unattractive.

No matter what the reason, here’s what’s going around.

The temperature of our world is not cool enough for aliens to make a grand entrance. Additionally, the robotic aliens are in a data enhanced sleep. That’s convenient for us.




The most recent claim or theory revolves around the Fermi Paradox

The Fermi paradox is the alleged contradiction between the very high probability that extraterrestrials exist and our lack of evidence.

Enrico Fermi, the physicist who named the paradox, insists:

With billions of stars in the galaxy similar to the sun, there is a high probability that some of these stars will have earthlike planets.

If the earth is typical and our model for all other planets, humans will be found to inhabit the other planets. It is also reasonable to assume that these planets like ours, sustaining other human life will also engage interstellar travel.

Neuroscientists from Oxford and one from the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade, are publishing their study claiming civilizations more advanced than ours could have explored our area of the universe. Their problem is our universe is too warm for them.


The artificial life forms won’t function as well in the temperature of our galaxy

These scientists insist that right now; cosmic radiation hikes the temperature in the universe to more than 3 Kelvin.



Aliens are Hibernating and Silent
Aliens are Hibernating and Silent


Expansion of the universe and the burning out of stars will enable information processing and the computer civilization to proceed at a rate of 10 to the 30th greater than what we can achieve today.

However, as it expands the background heat will diminish exponentially. To them, it is obvious and makes perfect sense to wait for formal introductions to the robot aliens.


According to the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, evidence also offers that the conditions in our Universe are way too warm for a digital computer run civilization

It makes sense to those at the Interplanetary Society that the computer based beings are in a state of aestivation. They propose the idea that in response to the heat, they stay silent and continue to hibernate.

When the heat dissipates, which of course they offer as a probable event, interspace travel across the boundless universe will occur with greater speed and efficiency.


According to studies on our technological advances, microwave radiation, cellular radiation and other energy and heat produced by all our technology will only add to the temperature of the world.

Our scientists studying global warming insist the earth and its surrounds are heating up. This would translate to our alien friends, too hot, don’t touch.


Supposed alien scientists seem to be grasping at the proverbial straws trying to explain their way out of the obvious reality

The reality they can’t admit because then they wouldn’t have employment anymore, is that we don’t know enough about the universe or galaxy or anything we haven’t seen up close and personal.

Why do people waste so much time thinking about aliens and alien worlds when our human race needs more consideration? The expansive universe is not a concern. It will reveal itself in time. Our focus needs to shift to the effect a warmer environment might have on our planet. Not some illusory race that may or may not exist.

For now, tell all the scientific alien specialists to get a life! There are more important things to worry about. Like your human family and maybe why they are hibernating and silent.