Battling science opposite religion is an argument many like to debate

The media loves this discussion and continually presents evidence to feed and continue the age old conflict of science vs. religion. However, the straightforward fact is that both are legitimate, both have value, and both science and religion exist simultaneously.

Neuroscience and psychology are sciences that prove intellectual and physical abilities range from person to person. That is to say that not everyone is created equal. Some people are smarter, stronger and faster than others. The philosophy of science proves that some people might be better than others.



Nevertheless, religious views often point to the fact that all men are effectively equal and endowed with civil liberties and rights every single individual deserves.


Mostly what we find is a scientific philosophy and a spiritual or religious philosophy

One does not outrank the other, nor does it cancel one another. Both scientific and religious philosophies exist simultaneously. Scientific truth relies on the cold, analytical, logical and detached part of the mind. Contrastingly, there is a social and emotional part of the brain that is equally justifiable. Much like the Bi-stable image of the duck vs. the rabbit, both remain valid images; they directly cannot be seen at the same time.


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Religion justifies a social, emotional and moral connection leading to understanding between all human beings. It is this lack of empathy and perspective that is creating a culture vacant of a sense of social association.

Science justifies the material world. Manipulation of material we can see and touch plus physical observation make the basis for Scientistific guesses. While this conditioning of the mind trains people to focus only on the corporeal world, it dismisses the elements of a social truth.

Ethical human distinction empowers parts of the brain which relate to the material world as well as the immaterial. Although developing characteristics such as empathy, compassion and kindness are easier with a religious belief; these attributes contribute to the use of the entire brain. Scientifically it increases neuron connections among other things.




An overall sense of wellbeing will not emerge from strict science

More consideration for other people will enhance our internal biological function. Also, scientific study of the universe will further improve our social relationship to it. Therefore, science and religion do not oppose each other. They can hold hands and embrace one another as complementary philosophies.

When human beings can open their minds enough to embrace the truth that science and spirituality are both accurate and not conflicting, we might be able to claim we are superior to animals.

It is indeed more natural and more beneficial to be a warm, kind, compassionate person than a distant, disturbed, cold and calculating individual. Science even proves that the recruitment of physical nerves, nerve patterns, metabolism, brain function, oxygenated blood and overall health improves with the right attitude and higher beliefs.

Moreover, science proves religion and religion backs science. The conflict needs to end. Unite the philosophies and the human race will also come together.

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