Absurdly Adventurous Cruise Ships

Absurdly Adventurous Cruise Ships
Absurdly Adventurous Cruise Ships

Many people decide to take a Cruise when they go on vacation for the feeling of getting away from the real world to relax in luxury on the open ocean


Maybe stop off occasionally at exotic spots to stretch your land legs, to return for some fine dining and then maybe relax by the pool. Historically, the most adventurous that cruise ships have ever gotten has been by having onboard live shows and casinos. But times have changed – oh boy, how things are different for vacationers on the high seas!

Once you have spent time on one of these cruise ships, life back on land will feel too boring!


MSC Cruises

Absurdly Adventurous Cruise Ships - MSC Cruises
Absurdly Adventurous Cruise Ships – MSC Cruises 

Most of the ships in MSC Cruise’s fleet are the epitome of luxury. However, on the MSC Fantasia they have an adventurous spin on that luxury. They provide passengers with wild experiences that they will never forget.

You can ride in a Formula One race car with an internal simulator, or immerse yourself in a 4D cinema experience. The Aqua Park on board the Fantasia doesn’t compare with what is on it’s sister ships, the MSC Seaside and the MSC Preziosa.

The Seaside is planned to first set sail in 2017 and it has 5 mind-blowing waterslides – a family flume slide, a slide you can ride an inner tube down, side by side high speed racing slides, and even a 110-meter-long interactive slide that incorporates music, lights and even video games!

The Preziosa already has the longest water-slide that you can ride while out on the open seas, it has a transparent section that sweeps over the open ocean, is 120 meters in length, and over 12 meters above the surface of the ship.


Norwegian Cruise Lines

Absurdly Adventurous Cruise Ships - Norwegian Cruise Lines
Absurdly Adventurous Cruise Ships – Norwegian Cruise Lines

As well as all the usual luxury experiences once expects from cruise ships, Norwegian Cruise Lines do have some wildly adventurous ships in their fleet.

With impressive aqua parks that contain crazy waterslides, including the only bowl slide you will find at sea – on the Breakaway you can pretend you’re a pirate and literal walk a plank that stretches 2.5 meters out over the ocean!

You can slip indoors to take in Broadway style shows, or remain outdoors and traverse the 40 element complex labyrinth that makes up the ropes course in the sports complex. In the evening, settle down to watch a film in the outdoor cinema, or be dazzled by acrobats in another district of the ship.


Carnival Cruises

Absurdly Adventurous Cruise Ships - Carnival Cruises
Absurdly Adventurous Cruise Ships – Carnival Cruises


Just seeing the name of the fleet of these cruise ships is a large hint at the adventure that is guaranteed once you step aboard!

There theme and plan is to keep you soaking wet – even if you never touch a drop of water from the surrounding ocean! Spectacular waterslides can be found on 21 of the 26 ships in Carnival Cruise’s fleet, and 10 of those have whacked out aqua parks that include twister slides, drainpipes and side by side racing slides.

When you can finally be bothered to dry off, the adventure does continue inside where you can take in crazy entertainment experiences like live shows, Seuss at Sea, Lip Sync Battles and the Hasbro Game Show.

You can find an IMAX theatre on board, and on the Carnival Vista are suspended bikes that you can ride on, called the “Skyride”, around a track that is many meters high above a deck that contains a mini-golf course.


Royal Caribbean International

Absurdly Adventurous Cruise Ships - Royal Caribbean International
Absurdly Adventurous Cruise Ships – Royal Caribbean International

The adventure you will experience on Royal Caribbean International cruise ships is unbeatable. You will wonder if you are visiting a theme park with all the crazy experiences to be had.

In the Seaplex you can experience a sky-diving simulator, ride on bumper cars, go roller skating and scale a nearly 10-meter-high rock climbing wall. You can learn to surf in the wave simulator pool, ride a zip-line or even go ice-skating.

The Royal Caribbean Quantum Class boasts the largest indoor active space that you will find at sea. The most spectacular jewel in the crown of this ship is the North StarSM – a capsule that lifts you out across the ocean to give you 360o views.