A8 Audi Fraud Covered Up

A8 Audi Fraud Covered Up

A8 Audi Fraud Covered Up
A8 Audi Fraud Covered Up

Audi held a summit to introduce it’s new flagship the A8


Audi is an automobile manufacturer out of Germany. It is a member of the Volkswagen Group and aims to produce luxury vehicles. Audi is standing for progressive, especially in the case of the new A8 sedan. There are many features contained within this incredible new automobile.

On a simple level, it’s a luxury vehicle designed for the modern world with touchtone everything. There are not buttons in the interior cabin. The console is multifunctional, and automated resembling smart phone style touch, swipe, increase and minimize size.


Audis zealousness to surpass competitor Mercedes is not far off

The A8 luxury sedan is everything you want in a vehicle. With an active suspension, the ride you receive, won’t knock or spill the coffee from your hands. With active ride technology, you don’t have to work so hard behind the wheel.

Audi A8 displays different lines on the side of the car to highlight it’s elegance and delight your sense of height as it doesn’t drop at the wheel line. All wheel steering allows you to utilize each wheel simultaneously to promote sporty driving with a secure, smooth and safe ride.

The V6 engine with soon two 8 cylinder engine will give you power. Touch screen with voice control lets you direct the car and control all its systems from your seat. There is even a tablet accessable from the rear to do the same. Special seat for your phone with built in charger allows you, with the use of Bluetooth to use your phone as it charges with hands free.


Read the Road

A camera in the front of the vehicle lets you read the road. Other special sensors such as radar, ultrasonic sensors and front facing scanners assist you in operating your vehicle. These features also allow traffic jam pilot to navigate your car without you.

Auto remote parking utilizes the same sensors and monitors so your car will park automatically without so much as a touch of the finger. On account of this, what are you left to do?

Let me tell you what you can do. Located in the back seat are automated massage options. These options are not just for your back which is already sounding pretty good. The second massage option will be in front of you for your feet.

We can’t forget about the LED light technology. 3D lighting with light animation is integrated. Special sleek look of rear end lights express elegance.


What about the emissions fraud?

Something substantial is being missed here. Both Audi models A7 and A8 emit twice the legal amount of nitrogen oxides when the steering wheel turns more than 15 degrees.

Audi headquarters, raided by prosecutors to investigate this emissions fraud, found what they were looking for. The A8 was implicated in emissions fraud and must refit their automobiles with a comprehensive plan to repair this detail.

Nevertheless, this overt attempt to cheat the system is a loud cry to Audi’s competitors. Now it’s clear, Audi was trying to divert everyone’s attention with its pretty face.


Is it safe?

Is it safe in the case of collision? There was no mention of road testing during the summit. So how safe is this car really? I always say safety first. So what does all the fancy luxury in world matter if you can’t drive safely. After all, we aren’t driving on the road alone.



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