Clubs cultivating sex, drugs and music pulsing, supporting hedonistic encounters is nothing new

Call it techno club, name it disco, or blame it on any style music currently trending, but the sentiment and human behavior are the same. Put people in an environment where they receive permission to behave without any restrictions and the worst human behaviors will reveal themselves. We saw it in the 70’s and 80’s at Studio 54 and now in 2017 in Germany.


Sex clubs are all the rage in Berlin. KitKat club, Berghain, and others promise you an evening of sexual fantasy and perverted expressions of any desire you wish to deliberate. Just remember there are some rules for these clubs and just like Studio 54 you may or may not be allowed entry.


1. Wear all black

It’s not a rule that wearing bright colors is not allowed, but in a dark club, black is much more acceptable. Maybe it says you are down and dirty. The truth is you will have your clothes off momentarily so who cares what color your clothes are? Maybe they just want your skin to be black. Perhaps black skin is more acceptable than pink.



2. Don’t talk while in line

Berlin doesn’t like tourists or anyone not speaking German. Bouncers don’t want to listen to people talking incessantly while waiting to get in. You will be turned away if you cannot control your verbal expressions.

3. Keep your hands to yourself unless explicitly allowed

Sex clubs have definite rules about consent. They require everyone who enters to show respect to others, and no touching is allowed unless authorization is made purposely clear and signaled.



4. Don’t drink or drug too much

Never enter the line to get into a club while falling over drunk or so high you don’t have control over your faculties. To be in a reasonable state of mind, so you can deny or approve consent for any action proposed to you at a sex club, you must be in your right mind. No one wants to find a naked body on the ground convulsing, vomiting or dead from drugs. Although, heinous sex acts are allowed if all participants are consenting, there are still boundaries.

5. Only go in groups of two or three

Berghain does not like big groups, and they won’t grant entry if a hoard of girls approaches at once. Apparently, Germans don’t like it that way.

6. Don’t arrive before midnight

Most of the clubs don’t get started until 2 or 3 am. Arriving before midnight reveals too much desperation and the bouncers don’t want overly excited or nervous attendees.




7. Cell phone cameras are strictly prohibited

No photos or videos are allowed in the clubs. A sticker placed over the camera eye on your cell phone will serve as a reminder. If you are seen using it under any circumstances, banishment from the club will result. You will not be seen or heard from again.

8. Don’t try to bribe the bouncers

Clubs want you to spend your money on their establishments. Drinking before entry means you will pay less inside. It includes bribing or trying to tip the bouncers. Additionally, the guards are trained not to accept or let you in.



9. No means No

Denied entry, means don’t go to the back of the line and try to get in again. The guards wont tolerate it, and they won’t change their minds. Be sure you are coherent the first time, so the experience doesn’t shame you. There are many clubs to choose. Try another.

Now that some of the guidelines are clear you are free to partake of sex on the dance floor, sex at the bar, sex in the hallway, with a man or woman or alone while watching others. The list is endless of all the possibilities if you’re into that sort of thing.

Sex with random individuals usually results in lower self-esteem and isolation. The possibility of STDs and AIDS is also a very probable outcome from this kind of behavior. Be sure you know what you are doing before you enter this nightlife scene. Either way, you might regret it.

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Image credit: txmx 2 via