8 Unexpected Health Benefits of Kissing Your Lover

8 Unexpected Health Benefits of Kissing Your Lover
8 Unexpected Health Benefits of Kissing Your Lover

Kissing your lover is not just a sensual and enjoyable past time; it also provides some pretty unexpected health benefits.


Next time you indulge in some sensual kissing with your lover, also be aware that you are both enjoying many unexpected health benefits.  Scientists have analyzed the humble smooch and discovered that it provides many benefits that promote health in the body.

To take advantage of the health bonuses associated with kissing, of course, it is crucial that both you and your partner are healthy. After all, the mouth is a minefield that contains around 80 million bacterial strains. Additionally, many diseases can be transmitted orally, such as tuberculosis and hepatitis, amongst others. Nevertheless, after receiving a clean bill of health, nothing is stopping you and your partner from indulging in a bit of kissing for good health!


1. Kissing is good for immunity

While those aforementioned 80 million bacteria found in your and your partner’s mouth could theoretically pose a problem, they actually can provide a health boost to you both. These 80 million bacteria that you will suck from the mouth of your lover, after indulging in a 10-second French kiss, surprisingly, will boost your immune system.


2. Kissing can avert some allergic reactions

Srini Pillay, a psychiatrist at Harvard University, ran a study in 2006 to test the effects of kissing on allergies. For her research, she took 24 people with skin and nasal allergies and analyzed them before and after a 30-minute long sensuous kiss with their partner. Surprisingly, she discovered that the antibody IgE produced during an allergic reaction decreased after having a good old fashioned snog.


3. Kissing is like a gym for your face

If you have been counting calories while trying to lose weight, you can add the ones you lose while kissing! Yes, an unexpected benefit of kissing is that it burns around 26 calories for every minute that you indulge in a lip lock with your lover. Furthermore, kissing tones your facial muscles. Experts have shown that through regular smooching, you can keep your jawline and neck in good shape!



8 Unexpected Health Benefits of Kissing Your Lover
8 Unexpected Health Benefits of Kissing Your Lover

4. Kissing is good for your teeth

If you and your lover are religious with your dental hygiene, brushing twice a day, science suggests that delighting each other with some loving kisses will improve the health of your teeth. Sivan Finkel, a cosmetic dentist from New York, explains that kissing increases saliva production, which in turn rids our teeth of dangerous bacteria. Additionally, saliva contains mineral ions which support the repair process teeth undergo when healing minor lesions.


5. Kissing can delay signs of aging

A good sensual kiss can leave you flushed in the face with passion. It turns out that scientists have discovered that this rush of blood has anti-aging properties, as it arouses the creation of elastin and collagen, which helps keep skin looking young. Also, the constant facial movements which exercise the facial muscles increase skin elasticity and decrease the likelihood of you ever needing a face-lift.


6. Kissing lowers anxiety

Kissing evokes the production of the famous love hormone oxytocin. Professor of Psychiatry at Brown University, Stephanie Hartselle, explains that oxytocin is crucial to the process of reducing anxiety. Oxytocin promotes a feeling of relaxation and serenity and is the critical hormone involved in bonding between humans.

As well as oxytocin, kissing releases other “happy” hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. Kissing is clearly a wonderful medication for optimal mental health.


7. Kissing increases the sex drive

This particular benefit of kissing may seem like the most obvious to everyone. However, many couples with a lagging sex drive don’t realize that going back to the honeymoon phase of kissing for pleasure will make them want to jump right back into the sack together. As well as the bonding hormone, oxytocin just mentioned, kisses transmit testosterone via the saliva which can make a woman randier!


8. Kissing lowers blood pressure

Kissing increases blood flow to the face, diverting it away from the rest of your body. Additionally, kissing reduces the production of cortisol which is a notorious culprit associated with stress, which increases high blood pressure. Clearly, kissing the object of your heart’s desire is definitely good also for the health of your heart. The heart knows what the heart wants!