The 7 Worst Movie Production Failures

The 7 Worst Movie Production Failures

The 7 Worst Movie Production Failures
The 7 Worst Movie Production Failures

For some unknown reason, we occasionally witness the release of movies that have absolutely atrocious production. We incredulously ask “How is this even a thing”?!

Granted, some movies are forced to work with extremely small production budgets. Nevertheless, we feel embarrassed for the filmmakers when the finished product proves that they bit off far more than they could chew.

On the other hand, there are the over-hyped movies with mega budgets that flop on humiliating levels for all involved.

Some movies are just so bad that like a train wreck we need to find out with our own eyes how horrific they are. We now bring you the worst movies with dreadful production that somehow made it onto our cinema screens.


1. Wild Wild West

Peters Entertainment


Wild Wild West was initially a 1960s TV series that Hollywood sought to bring to the big screen in 1999. However, it’s downfall lay in altering the original far too much. In fact, Robert Conrad, who had starred as Jim West in the TV show refused ever to see the movie.

The film starred Will Smith and Kevin Kline. Unfortunately, both failed to bring any humor or flair to the updated film version.  Ultimately, the steampunk western spy concept fell flat on its face.


2. Foodfight!

C47 Productions

Foodfight! appears to be an animated film in which failing actors are dragged in to try to give it credibility. Truthfully, what happened was that it made an already poorly animated film 100x worse.

Shockingly, this movie had a $45 million budget. As well, Lawrence Kasanoff directed it, and he had absolutely no experience with animation. In fact, he may have realized it was a disaster as he mysteriously claimed his initial creation of this film stolen.


The 7 Worst Movie Production Failures
The 7 Worst Movie Production Failures

Incredulously, he clamied that the dreadful version released was the replacement.

The film utilized the voices of Charlie Sheen, Hilary Duff, and Eva Longoria. To be honest, these actors, already suffering dips in their careers, only served themselves more humiliation by taking part in this joke of a movie.


3. The Room


This film is so very awful that it has attracted a cult following. In fact, it has been unanimously voted by all as the worst film ever made.

Tommy Wiseau wrote, directs, produces and stars in this cinematic joke. In fact, the movie is so awful that one wonders if it is indeed a joke.

Therefore, if you want to have a great belly laugh, we could probably recommend you will get a good one from this film. However, you will be laughing at it, not with it.


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