6 Valentine Surprises For Your Wife That Are Better Than Candlelight Dinners

Fat-Free Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day
Fat-Free Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day evokes a sense of love and romance in everyone’s heart, and therefore, people choose this day to express their feelings for the love of their life. On this day, most of you ask your Valentine out on candlelight dinner date in an expensive and crowded place. But, this year if you want to do something new for your wife to make her feel special then, drop off the plan of taking her out on a candlelight dinner because there are many other Valentine surprises that are better than candlelight dinners. Here are seven romantic Valentine surprises that will bring you closer to your wife on Valentine’s Day:

Deliver A Box Of Balloons To Her Doorstep

Start your Valentine’s Day with a midnight surprise for your wife. So, as the clock ticks, 12 a.m. get a box of balloons delivered to your doorstep and ask your wife to unbox it. As she opens the box, a bunch of colorful balloons will pop out with ‘I love you’ written on them. This will make her feel so special.

Give Flowers To Her While A Guitarist Play Her Favorite Song

On Valentine’s Day, as she wakes up, make her morning beautiful by surprising her with a bunch of beautiful Valentine flowers and as you go down on one knee to give her flowers, ask your hired guitarist to play her favorite songs in the background.

How About A Living Room Romantic Date?

As you know, every cafe and restaurant is always crowded on Valentine’s Day. So, if you don’t want to face the crowd and make your Valentine a hectic affair then, plan a romantic living room date with your wife. So, cozy up your living room by setting up a tent then, decorate it with lights and pictures. That’s it. Have a romantic time with your wife.

A Valentine Gift To Express Your Love For Her

Valentine’s Day cannot be complete without you expressing your deepest emotions for your beloved wife. But, before telling her ‘I Love You’, surprise her with a thoughtful Valentine gift. You can find a variety of Valentine gifts for wife in the gift shops . All you need to do is to put a little effort in finding the best gift for her.

A Date Night Near A Fireplace

There can be nothing as romantic as a cozy date night with your wife near a fireplace. So, place your bed or sofa near your fireplace, get some bottles of wine, decorate the space with scented candles, and embrace each other till you guys fall asleep in each other’s arms.

An Exotic Massage To Spice Up

Okay so if you want to spice up the things between you and your wife on Valentine’s Day then, nothing can be a more romantic way than having a couple’s massage session at your home. So, shop your sweetheart’s favorite scent, a massage oil, some aphrodisiac fruits like strawberries and have an exotic time.

So, this year, while everyone else will stick to their traditional Valentine date idea, make your date an interesting and romantic one with these unique ideas.