6 of Saucy Dakota Johnson’s Best Kept Secrets

6 of Saucy Dakota Johnson's Best Kept Secrets
6 of Saucy Dakota Johnson's Best Kept Secrets

Saucy Fifty Shades of Grey Actress Dakota Johnson harbors quite a few secrets that we are sure you are dying to know about!


We all know Dakota Johnson best for playing the saucy willing sex slave in the sordid sex-addict film Fifty Shades of Grey. However, despite baring all and leaving nothing left to the imagination, she still harbors many secrets.

Below we expose these secrets, for your eyes only!

1. Lesbian/bisexual rumors!

While Johnson has never confirmed the rumors officially, incriminating pictures surfaced in the press last year of her getting hot with British model Cara Delevinge. Allegedly, Taylor Swift set the pair up, and it definitely looks like Swift made a good match between the pair! Is she bisexual, or a lesbian? Don’t be shy Johnson, we won’t judge!


2. No shame, no body doubles!

When most Hollywood actresses appear in films that are borderline pornography, they usually employ a body double to do the nudity scenes. But not Johnson! When asked why she has no problem exposing her naked body to the world, she replied “I don’t have any problem doing anything. The secret is I have no shame. The only scene in which she did use a body double contained whipping. Johnson didn’t want to have whip marks left on her for any of the following scenes.


3. Covered in tattoos!

When you see Johnson appear in films, she looks to have perfect and blemish free skin. However, this is only thanks to many layers of makeup that take a very long time to apply. Johnson actually has many tattoos which require covering before she plays a scene. She claims she went through a phase when she was younger, and due to the time they take to cover, she regrets going through that phase.


4. She is Hollywood royalty!

Johnson got her first big break in Hollywood because of the good ole saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!” Yes, Johnson is Hollywood royalty, and her surname actually gives a hint to her connections. Her father is Don Johnson, and her mother is Melanie Griffith. Not only that, her grandmother Tippi Hedren was made famous for acting in Alfred Hitchcock films. Her step-father was Antonio Banderas, and her half brother and sister also act in movies too.


5. She kept Fifty Shades of Grey memorabilia!

If we wanted to pry into the private life of Johnson a little deeper, we might receive a big hint by finding out exactly what memorabilia she took from the set of Fifty Shades of Grey. Apparently, she decided to keep a flogger and also a selection of lingerie. She is keeping quiet about why she wanted the flogger, but Johnson alleges she kept the fancy undies because they were extremely comfortable.


6. She did a stint in rehab!

Johnson apparently became extremely distressed while she attended a private Catholic school. Allegedly, her school friends teased her about her parent’s messy divorce, which was being played out in the tabloids. We aren’t sure what substances she took to numb the intense emotional pain, but she ended up needing a stint in rehab to get her head back together.