6 Obsessed Celeb Fans of the Raunchy Love Island!

6 Obsessed Celeb Fans of the Raunchy Love Island!
6 Obsessed Celeb Fans of the Raunchy Love Island!

Celebs cannot stop watching Love Island right now, and to be honest, they are totally obsessed with the show!


UK celebs are publicly admitting that they have become obsessed fans of the hit ITV2 reality TV show Love Island! It looks like they can’t get enough of the Islander’s sordid shenanigans. As the program heats up for its finale on the 24th, it seems like it is not just the public that is on the edge of their seats awaiting the final vote.

So if you have been feeling guilty about having a Love Island addiction, let that guilt subside! You are in good company. Let’s take a look at just which celebs are just as infatuated with Love Island as you are:


1. Stormzy

Hip Hop artist Stormzy admitted at the end of June that he could no longer resist the pull to watch the Islander’s antics as they frolicked about on Love Island. So obsessed has Stormzy become, he even tweeted that it was the best TV he has watched in years.


2. Liam Gallagher

Probably the most unlikely celeb to admit to an obsession with Love Island is the indie rocker, Liam Gallagher. During an interview with Jo Whiley, Gallagher admitted that he had watched Love Island immediately after taking in Dizzee Rascal’s Glastonbury set from his room. He even admitted that he had gone to the dark side and believed that Love Island is where it’s at.


3. Adele

Adele revealed her passion for Love Island on stage to her arena crowd during her recent tour. She also appears to have firm opinions about the contestant’s debauched mischief. She even went so far as calling them “tramps.”

Adele went on to describe how shocked the parents of the contestants must feel about the raunchy behavior their children are displaying for the entire UK viewing public.



6 Obsessed Celeb Fans of the Raunchy Love Island!
6 Obsessed Celeb Fans of the Raunchy Love Island!


4. Blazin’ Squad

Boy band Blazin’ Squad became very keen fans of the reality TV show when one of their previous members appeared as a contestant. In fact, many fans of Love Island sometimes feel like the entire show is about Marcel reminding the other Islanders how he was once part of the group.

The group tweeted in late June in support of their ex-member.


5. Jeremy Corbyn

The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn is another unlikely fan of Love Island. While not exactly admitting to watching it, his knowledge of who he felt was worth voting for seemed to hint that he had! Speaking to the Tab, he made a recommendation that the public should vote for Marcel to win.


6. Caitlin Moran

Finally, one would imagine that a feminist would feel disgruntled by supposed exploitation on a reality TV show such as Love Island. However, Caitlin Moran begs to differ. The feminist journalist even wrote an entire column in the Times devoted to her reasons why the raunchy program is “good for you.