6 Hot Women Over 60 Who Refuse Plastic Surgery

6 Hot Women Over 60 Who Refuse Plastic Surgery
6 Hot Women Over 60 Who Refuse Plastic Surgery

There are plenty of hot older women who refuse plastic surgery


And men of all ages still admire and worship their beauty. The beauty of some women never fades. In some cases, it appears to increase.

6 Hot Women Over 60 Who Refuse Plastic Surgery
6 Hot Women Over 60 Who Refuse Plastic Surgery


Many believe that aging itself is a beautiful process. Let’s take a look at some of these smoking hot ladies who have refused plastic surgery, despite being well over 60!


Lauren Hutton – aged 73


Lauren Hutton is pure beauty. A beauty that she never enhanced with a surgeon’s scalpel. Vogue magazine put her on their cover 26 times throughout the years.

While she was still a student, she realized she was hot enough to get work at the Playboy Club. She then started worked as a model during the swinging 60s. Her trademark gap in her teeth became her first defiant natural exhibition of her beauty.

And this paid off. In the 1970s she worked for Revlon cosmetics for what would become a decade. In 1990 she would sign with them again to be their spokesperson. Her beauty viewed as lucrative to the company.

In 1993 she was still working as a runway model at the age of 50 for Calvin Klein. The New York Times described her as “just as good as the current flock of fledglings“.

At age 61 she posed nude for a feature called “Lauren Hutton: The Beautiful Persists”. She was once asked why she refused plastic surgery. She responded “Our wrinkles are our medals of the passage of life. They are what we have been through and who we want to be“.


Diane Keaton – aged 71

Dianne Keaton made her film debut in 1970, and in 1977 she won her first Academy Award. Her personality, talent, and beauty have seen her with a film career that has spanned decades.

She had to try hard to not be typecast as the actress who always appeared in Woody Allen films. But it was these films that really propelled her into the limelight.

As well as being quirky and cute, she’s adored for her mannerisms and dark sense of humor. She is both intelligent and beautiful. This made her most appealing to the more intelligent male fan base.

In 2004, she claimed she was against plastic surgery and felt that she needed to be authentic. By 2012 she felt a little more flexible about the idea, but still felt no need for surgery. Her beauty is natural, even at age 71.




Brigitte Bardot – aged 82


Brigitte Bardot insisted on expressing natural beauty right from the beginning of her career. She is a true Venusian beauty. Men have worshiped her for decades. She had control over her sexuality which had her fans melting in her presence.

Her allure is bound up with her independent and defiant spirit. During the 60s many young rebels like Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney worshiped her.  In fact, Dylan claims that the first song he ever penned was about her.

She abruptly gave up show business at the age of 39. She transferred her devotion to animal activism. Despite refusing plastic surgery and following no beauty regimen, men still view her realism as refreshing





6 Hot Women Over 60 Who Refuse Plastic Surgery
6 Hot Women Over 60 Who Refuse Plastic Surgery


Meryl Streep – aged 67


Meryl Streep has been an icon of the silver screen since the 1970s. This beautiful woman and actress is a true character chameleon. She has won countless awards for her incredible talent.

She is also adamantly against plastic surgery. This hasn’t stopped many people suspecting that she has had a few nips and tucks. But is it possible she is just aging well?

Streep has publicly criticized other women who submit to the knife. She wishes to embrace aging as part of the natural course of life. And with her immense acting talent, aging will never see her lose out on starring roles.


Julie Walters – aged 67

The British describe Julie Walters as a national treasure. She has always been a beautiful and talented actress and comedienne. For her performances, she has won many awards.

Walters has admitted that the film industry is not good at giving roles to women who were older. But this doesn’t stop her from refusing to have plastic surgery.

She claims that she feels more comfortable looking real. But concedes that Hollywood would perceive her as a freak. Cosmetic surgery appears to be as common and expected as getting a haircut in Tinsel Town.





Sigourney Weaver – aged 67


This sultry actress leaped to the heights of fame for her roles in the Alien franchise of films. Sigourney Weaver is strikingly beautiful and powerfully sexy.

She also manages to maintain her sexiness and beauty without resorting to cosmetic surgery. She prefers to age naturally, and rely solely on healthy lifestyle choices to maintain her looks.

Weaver once told People magazine “What do I find beautiful? When a woman is comfortable in her skin – whatever age she is, whiter body type she is. My face is my canvas. And I think it is much more interesting than it ever was.

Image Credit: Catherine Chen via flickr.com