6 Embarrassing YouTube Scandals

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6 Embarrassing YouTube Scandals
6 Embarrassing YouTube Scandals

It appears that anyone can find fame these days thanks to YouTube

This millennium has seen an evolution of celebrities through YouTube. Subsequently, this exposes many young self-made upstarts to the likely possibility of being caught in a scandal.

Once upon a time, people had to seek agents and pass auditions to gain fame through exposing themselves on a screen. First, it was radio, and then film and television. Nowadays we can add YouTube to the list.


6 Embarrassing YouTube Scandals
6 Embarrassing YouTube Scandals


With fame comes notoriety and scandal. It is a risk people take when they put themselves into the public eye. We are all human after all, and subject to falling victim to human error. Whether our own or others.

Some of the biggest YouTubers have risen to extreme heights of popularity, only to smash down to earth after a scandal. Below are some of the most cringeworthy YouTube scandals to date.


1. PewDiePie

Felix Kjellberg is a 27-year-old YouTuber who goes by the moniker PewDiePie. He is probably the most famous star on YouTube with well over 54 million subscribers. And lucky for him, he is simply an idiot.

Recently he was accused of being anti-Semitic. He claims he was making a joke, and trying to prove a point. However, to the majority of people, the point was entirely lost, and he lost many lucrative business deals.

So was he anti-Semitic? Or just too stupid to make the point he claims he was making, coherently? Whichever it was, he had to create a long response video to try to dig himself out of the mess he had found himself inside.



2. TmarTn & ProSyndicate

TmarTn and ProSyndicate had been popular Call of Duty players that broadcasted their gameplay onto YouTube. Until last year, when they made a video about winning a significant amount of money on a gambling site.

Firstly, this was bad enough. A lot of their viewers are underage, and encouraging underage gambling is against the law. However, a YouTube user who goes by HonorTheCall did some detective work to dig deeper.

It turns out that TmarTn owned the online gambling company, and all of his wins were fake. Despite a weak apology video, the YouTubers lost a lot of fans and found themselves embroiled in an ongoing lawsuit.



3. Mathew Santoro & Nicole Arbour

Nicole Arbour had already courted a ton of controversy over her YouTube video entitled “Dear Fat People” in 2015. However, a year later her notoriety would be taken up a whole notch.

She had been dating Matthew Santoro, another YouTuber who mostly makes videos about lists and facts. A video he had initially made private, became public, and it showed him crying about his ex-girlfriend emotionally and physically abusing him.

He never mentioned Arbour by name, but she quickly responded on the defense. By doing so, she revealed it was her he been describing. She denied all of his claims and told the world he was doing it for publicity. He denies this and alleges she was manipulative, violent and jealous.



4. Keemstar

Keemstar, who’s real name is Daniel Keem, has a YouTube channel called DramaAlert. Ironically, his channel is dedicated to creating and discussing scandals. So when scandal came to him, no one felt any pity.

Without proper fact checking, Keemstar believed he was exposing an online pedophile called John Phillips. However, it wasn’t him at all – Phillips was still in prison.

It turns out Keemstar and his followers had attacked an entirely innocent man and smeared his reputation over the internet. Keemstar made an urgent retraction and apology, but his credibility as a YouTuber became damaged.




5. Adam Saleh

Adam Saleh is the YouTuber who, like in the story, called “wolf”. One of his viral videos appeared to show him being removed from a plane by Islamophobic airline officers. However, the story didn’t add up.

Saleh calls himself a professional idiot, and most of his videos are pranks. So ironically, many of the people most upset about his plane video were other Muslims.

They claim that making fake videos about Islamophobia only hurts the efforts they are making to combat real Islamophobia. Saleh did turn out to be purposefully provoking airline staff to create a false scenario. He did his Muslim brothers and sisters no favors at all.



6. Sam Pepper

Sam Pepper initially shot to fame when he appeared on Big Brother. Afterward, he took to YouTube to create videos of pranks. However, his pranks crossed the line.

Pepper was already creating angry fans when he would sexually harass women. So, therefore, he already was teetering on the edge of being hated completely.

However, he once decided to create a fake abduction and murder video. So convincing was the prank to those being pranked, the video had to be taken down. And worse, the best friend of the person who was being “fake” murdered became severely traumatized.