6 Captivating Women that Inspired Famous Love Songs

6 Captivating Women that Inspired Famous Love Songs

6 Captivating Women that Inspired Famous Love Songs
6 Captivating Women that Inspired Famous Love Songs

Who were the women who inspired many musicians to write classic love songs?


Many women would love to have a hot rock star pen love songs about them. Some women have been lucky enough to be the muse behind famous hit love songs. But who were they? And why were they so captivating to our favorite artists?

Let’s take a look at who were the captivating women that inspired so many famous love songs.


1. “Cry Me A River” – Britney Spears

by Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears were childhood sweethearts. They first met during their time in the Mickey Mouse Club. It was here that they first developed feelings for one another.

However, it wasn’t until they were much older that they struck up a relationship. Spears gushed over how in love with Timberlake she was. Timberlake was smitten with her.

Sadly, in 2002 Timberlake became devastated upon discovering Spears had cheated on him. He took this heartbreak and used it to pen his famous song “Cry Me A River“.

In the video for the song, he even uses a model that looks just like Spears. Spears was quite shocked at first. But ultimately she accepted that he needed to get his revenge for what she had done.


2. “Hearts And Bones” – Carrie Fisher

by Paul Simon


Carrie Fisher led a turbulent life, and her love affair with Paul Simon was no different.  They met while Fisher was filming Star Wars in 1977.

Simon and Fisher spent less time married than within their whirlwind love affair. However, they couldn’t get enough of each other even when they would separate. They split and returned to each other many times.

Simon supposedly wrote a few songs about Fisher during their time together. But most poignant was his hit “Hearts and Bones“.  It is a song about trying to create a real love that is not shrouded in unrealistic expectations.

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