5 Stunning Celebrities Who Say NO To Manipulated Images

Nude Model Bella Thorne And Other Celebrities Step Out of Retouched Photos


Fake is out, and Real is in, finally

A new trend is grabbing hold within the world of entertainment. Many celebrities are saying goodbye to the images they call fake. Many are demanding original pictures without Photoshop, or any photography tricks are better images of themselves.

The desire to present their true images is popular. No one wants to replicate the belief that we aren’t good enough as we are. That only if your skin is smooth and blemishes free, if you have the right proportions and the right hairstyle are you beautiful.



No, celebs are speaking out and requesting from their photo shoots, the originals are published. The growing self-image issue among young people today is causing this revolt. It is past due.



Bella Thorn

Believes in being yourself. It doesn’t pay to try to impress anyone. She has posed for GQ magazine in an attempt to make her own statement about revealing her true self. Most people will probably just look at the parts of herself she is revealing and not care about the origin or intention. This is how it is with nude photos.



Lady Gaga

This singer has been making statements for years. Only now her statement is strong and consistent. She wants to take her career back and control her exposure. Lady Gaga speaks strongly against the manipulation of media images. She wants to inspire good self-body image.

Lady Gaga went so far as to issue a challenge to the media who claim they are making changes in their magazines. “When the magazine covers change, that’s when the culture changes.”



Colbie Caillat

Colbie is a singer. Her video “Try” is a tribute to the belief that beauty isn’t something put on with hairstyles and makeup. She presents the ideal that everyone has beauty within, and if they take off the mask, it will shine. Her smile at the end is evidence of that truth.



Kate Winslet

Kate was recently on the cover of GQ. She confidently admits the photo trimmed her figure more than 1/3 of the original. She is content with her shape and feels adamant about the false presentation.




This 19-year-old singer and actress are well known for promoting positive body image. She posed for Modeliste magazine and was shocked when she saw the degree the image was manipulated for the final photos. In her frustration and angst, she twittered her disapproval and posted the original picture.


All these beauties who won the spotlight are desperately trying to convey a message to their fans. Body image starts within. When we believe we have something worthwhile within, it shines through. No pictures or fake images can change the way you feel inside. All these celebrities struggle with weak areas they would like to change. But their message is that everyone does. Regardless, we are all beautiful.


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