33 easy ways to fill your life with love (video)

33 easy ways to fill your life with love (video)

easy ways to fill your life with love
easy ways to fill your life with love

How can you fill your dull and monotonous life with love, happiness, and joy?


Many times we find ourselves wondering what to do for love. Life becomes mundane and colorless, and we ask ourselves what to do for happiness. We ponder how to find a way to create a better life.

It can happen to all of us – life gets tough, and you feel as though you have lost all of your joy and happiness. Routine becomes monotonous, day after day nothing seems to change. We so quickly forget that life requires our active participation for it to stay fresh and exciting.

To get your joy back, here are 33 easy ways to fill your daily life with love and happiness and overcome the blues.  These simple tips will bring colors back to your gray daily routine


1. Travel more

Try to reserve at least one weekend every month to go somewhere: leave the confines of your apartment, your city or even your country. A fresh change of scenery will restore color to your life.


2. Make surprises for yourself

Force yourself to make plans to do things that you would typically postpone due to excuses such as lack of time or energy. Let life surprise you: go on a date, attend a party, start taking a dance class.


3. Learn to accept love and care

Learn to receive compliments and help from your friends, or even total strangers. Fill your life by acknowledging these small but precious gifts of love.


4. Start to be grateful

When your mind is full of negative thoughts, start to combat such thoughts with positive ones. Start to be grateful for the positive, and for the realization that your life is in fact genuinely good. subsequently, this will provide you the momentum to significantly improve your mood.


5. Talk with one new person every single day

This world is full of incredible people. They are everywhere: in shops, on the street, on public transport. Take a couple of minutes out of your daily schedule to talk with a bus conductor, or find out more information about the janitor who cleans your office. You will be surprised when you discover how many fascinating people exist in your life.




6. Find time for self-improvement

Allocate a couple of hours per week for your personal projects and goals. Be your own personal growth coach.


7. Learn to forgive

Resentment blocks all positive changes and prevents new love from entering into your life. Leave it in the past, forgiving those who have offended or upset you.


8. Leave your past behind

Stop holding yourself back by dwelling on and mulling over all of your past mistakes and problems. Consider all of them to be valuable lessons and experiences that will help you build a more successful and happy life when you resolve to do differently in the future. Forget about “self-digging“!


9. Move more

Pursue your favorite sport or physical activity and create a training plan. Mobility stimulates the production of endorphins, the so-called “happy hormones.”


10. Learn to see the best in people around you

Instead of falling into the habit of seeing only the shortcomings in people, try to create a new habit by remembering them for their greatest qualities. Recall all the fond experiences you have shared with them, thereby filling your life with loving them.

Once you are good at this habit, you will free the part of your mind that was full of condemnation and grief.


11. Search for opportunities everywhere

Thoroughly seek out fresh opportunities around you. Take a risk and learn something new, get promoted or strive to edge closer to achieving a major life goal.


easy ways to fill your life with love
easy ways to fill your life with love


12. Surround yourself with positive people

Our personality is a fusion of the average of the five closest people around us. Improve the company you keep if you want to create a better you!


13. Make positive plans

Create positive goals: for the immediate future, or a year from now, even ten years from now. Focusing on positive steps to achieve these goals helps us to forget negative things in our lives, and you can subsequently reprogram your brain to create a positive future.


14. Create a look that makes you appear successful

Our appearance goes hand in hand with our mood. If you want to feel better, alter your appearance to reflect the life you wish to be living.


15. Listen to positive music

Music can significantly affect our mood. Create a playlist with positive songs to encode new and positive changes in your brain.


16. Discover your body

Try to listen to and love your body. Don’t treat it harshly, choose proper nutrition, take care of it, buy beautiful clothes and go to a local gym. Your grateful body will give you positive feedback.



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