The film industry is one of the most lucrative businesses out there, producing endless top movies.

What exactly were the top movies that were released throughout the past decade?

Here in the US we love being entertained on every level, but especially with a great movie. The movie industry will make over six hundred and thirty billion dollars in revenue by the end of twenty sixteen.

With the newer mainstream video and movie gurus such as Hulu and Netflix. This not only provides us with the ability to watch more top movies, but it puts the world’s film industry earning potential at over one trillion dollars.

Over the past decade tons of movies have been released, and a few stick out in our minds. From Wolf of Wall Street, Birdman, and The Bourne Ultimatum these are only a few drops in the bucket of emerging movies.


These top fifteen movies, and why we like them, hopefully, will conjure up some great memories for you:


1. Wolf of Wall Street

Paramount Pictures

The Wolf of Wall Street is a true story based on the life of Jordan Belfort, who is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. It emerges that he has become a monster to other people while climbing to great heights being a stockbroker.

He does not care who he hurts and loves living the rich and famous lifestyle. He shatters his marriage, gets into drugs and destroys his life in the making. He ends up broke, in a life of corruption, crime, and trouble with the government.



2. Gravity

Warner Bros. Pictures

Sandra Bullock plays a medical engineer, and George Clooney plays an astronaut, who together have to figure out how to survive in space after a tragic accident.

With wide-ranging emotions throughout, you can feel fear, awe, and total desperation, and this is why this movie is one of the bestsellers.



3. Drive

Bold Films

Ryan Gosling is brilliant in Drive. He is a cagey stuntman who starts moonlighting as a getaway driver and ends up in major trouble when he helps his neighbor.

It almost seems like watching an old gangster movie, with the retro-style music and coolness of Ryan reminiscent of Cool Hand Luke. This film has a very unconventional feel to it but brought to life by great characters and cinematography.




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