15 Dangerous Symptoms To Tell Your Doctor About NOW!

15 Dangerous Symptoms To Tell Your Doctor About NOW
15 Dangerous Symptoms To Tell Your Doctor About NOW

For the sake of your family and friends who love you and need you, see a Doctor NOW if you are experiencing any of these dangerous symptoms.

You have one life to live, so you don’t want to waste a precious moment if you have any of these symptoms. Seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY.


Dangerous Symptoms To Tell Your Doctor About NOW
Dangerous Symptoms To Tell Your Doctor About NOW


1. Chest Pain

This could be a heart attack and you need immediate transport to the emergency room. If you have non-stop chest pain that takes your breath away, and it is something you have not experienced before, you must get it checked by a hospital. If you are sweating and nauseous, it could also be a blood clot, which is deadly.


2. Constant Fatigue

If you have done everything to prevent tiredness, and your fatigue is long-term, it could be cancer. Even if it is not, you do not want to risk letting it go. You could have gastrointestinal or uterine cancer. Anemia is also deadly, and you need to get to a doctor as soon as possible.


3. Sudden Severe Headaches

If you suddenly get a migraine that doesn’t contain the usual tell tale signs – like a visual aura – get to the hospital!¬† You could be having a brain aneurysm. A burst aneurysm leads very quickly to permanent brain damage, and you need to get to the emergency room immediately.


Dangerous Symptoms To Tell Your Doctor About NOW
Dangerous Symptoms To Tell Your Doctor About NOW


4. Shortness of Breath

This could be a sign of a blood clot. If it is more than usual after exercise, or you are experiencing shortness of breath even with no exercise, get to the doctor! Especially if you are spiking a fever, have chest pains, are gasping and wheezing and your circulation is playing up.


5. Back Pain With Tingling Toes

This could be a sign of a slipped disc in your back. When a disc slips out of your spine it presses on the spinal nerve. This is what is causing the tingling toes. You must seek immediate medical attention in order to avoid permanent nerve damage. You will find that anti-inflammatory medication will not alleviate the symptoms.





6. Throbbing Tooth

Surprisingly, you can get very sick from a toothache. It needs immediate dental care. Simply having a hole or crack in your tooth can lead to serious bacterial infections. Untreated these spread into your blood stream and make you extremely sick. You will need antibiotics to start, and then probably root canal therapy.


7. Sudden Severe Abdominal Pain

Shockingly, this could be a sign of cancer. If you are a woman, and you suddenly experience unusual abdominal pain, bloating, or gassy feelings, it might be ovarian cancer. If the symptoms persist daily for nearly a month, it is time to get yourself immediately to your ob-gyn.



Dangerous Symptoms To Tell Your Doctor About NOW
Dangerous Symptoms To Tell Your Doctor About NOW


8. Stroke Symptoms

These deadly symptoms account for the third leading cause of death in the US. The American Heart Association also warns that even surviving stroke can leave you with serious disabilities. Immediately call an ambulance if you feel any of these things:

  • sudden severe headache
  • dizziness, lack of coordination and balance, can’t walk properly
  • suddenly very difficult seeing out of one or both eyes
  • feelings of confusion, can’t understand people, have trouble talking
  • sudden weakness or numbness down one side of the body, in the arms, legs, and face


9. Pelvic Pain

This could be a kidney infection, hernia or appendicitis. You might even have a broken pelvis. You must take this pain very seriously and go straight to the doctor. Even if you have been putting up with it for a long time – if it is not going away, this is a red flag!


10. Sudden Weight Loss

Weight loss should never be sudden, as when it happens it could be a sign of cancer. Usually, colon cancer causes people to lose weight rapidly. Also, diabetes and endocrine system problems could be the cause.


11. Painful Swelling of the Legs

This could be a sign of deep-vein thrombosis (DVT). This is deadly, it means you have a blood clot in your leg. You must seek medical attention immediately as if that blood clot breaks free you will not be able to breathe. Do not massage the area, for this reason. You will need an ultrasound or a CT scan to see if it is a clot. If it is a clot, you will need to take blood thinners for around a year.


Dangerous Symptoms To Tell Your Doctor About NOW
Dangerous Symptoms To Tell Your Doctor About NOW


12. Persistent Fever

Persistent fevers ALWAYS need immediate medical attention. There is a long list of deadly reasons why. You could have meningitis, which is a very sudden killer. You could possibly have leukemia or lymphoma. This is a symptom that you always must take seriously.


13. Flashes of Light

This could be the beginning of permanent sight loss – so get yourself urgently to a doctor for an eye check! When a person experiences flashes of light and an excessive amount of floaters blocking their vision, it could be a detached retina. Seeking urgent medical attention should hopefully prevent you from going blind.





14. Sharp Pain In Your Right Side

Please take this seriously as this could be deadly appendicitis. if it is, you will likely have spiked a fever and be feeling nauseous. You will need emergency surgery. If it turns out that it is not, and you are a woman, it could be an ovarian cyst. There is a risk you will need emergency surgery for this also.


15. Sudden Confusion

This could indicate you are having a stroke – or could be bleeding from the brain. You might have a brain tumor. If you suddenly feel like the world is not making sense – and others feel you are not yourself, you must immediately seek medical attention.