12 Weirdest Laws in the World

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12 Weirdest Laws in the World
12 Weirdest Laws in the World

If you love traveling around the world, it is always a good idea to first do research on local traditions and laws

This will enable you to abide by the laws and stay in the “good books” with different officials from around the world. Additionally, it will ensure that that you will make the most out of your stay abroad.

However, the world is a strange place, and you will discover that there are bizarre and seemingly senseless laws you must adhere to in different countries.


12 Weirdest Laws in the World


Here are our top 12 weirdest laws in the world:

1. It is illegal to fart in public in Florida on Thursday after 6 p.m.

If you are walking around late night in Florida, after having a good and substantial meal, be careful. If you are planning on passing wind, especially in public, think twice before doing so. It’s not only about the rancid smell that will hit someone behind you, but the fact that it is illegal to even break wind in the first place. This law is definitely one of the weirdest laws in the world.


2. In the Netherlands, you can’t smoke tobacco in cafes

Going for a vacation in the Netherlands? The Netherlands is one of the only places in the world where you can legally purchase marijuana from cafes. This, obviously, happens to be one of the primary attractions for tourists coming to the country.

Huge amounts of people visit the country every year to smoke different types of weed in cafes. However, if you are contemplating rolling your joints with tobacco, you will have to smoke them elsewhere. This is because tobacco isn’t allowed in cafes. It is probably the weirdest law in the Netherlands.


3. Buying sex toys in Alabama is illegal

In a country where you can buy guns as though they were candies, this is probably one of the weirdest laws in the United States. In Alabama, there is a law regarding anti-obscenity that criminalizes the selling of sex toys.

Under this law, it is forbidden to distribute any device that is used to stimulate human genitalia. If you are planning on visiting Alabama, best stick to “activities” that are legal.



12 Weirdest Laws in the World
12 Weirdest Laws in the World

4. You can’t sing off key in North Carolina

If you are a shower singer who loves to sing their heart out, regardless of whether you sound out of tune, and you live in North Carolina, you may have to move to another state. This is because of one of the weirdest laws in place in North Carolina.

Imagine if you had to pay a fine or go to the jail because you couldn’t sing Pharrell Williams “Happy” in tune!


5. Finland bases traffic fines on the income of the offender

Finland produces world-class drivers as it puts its citizens through one of the hardest driving tests in the world. For this reason, it is not surprising when you realize that in many popular motorsports, you will always find Finnish drivers.

One of the reasons why Finnish drivers are so good is probably because of the traffic fines they have to pay if they break the law. According to a law in Finland, the traffic fine is based on the income of the offender. Is this one of the weirdest laws in the country? Most likely!


6. Male gynecologists in Bahrain can only look at female genitals through a mirror

Countries of the Middle East can be seen as peculiar when it comes to laws for men and women. There are numerous restrictions in place that prevent women from voting, driving and getting a divorce, just to name a few. However, this law takes the cake for being the weirdest rule in the Middle East.

In Bahrain, male gynecologists are permitted to look at female genitals. However, there is a catch as they are allowed to do so with the help of a mirror. You read that right. Male gynecologists can examine female genitals only by looking at them through a mirror.


7. It is illegal to die in the UK’s Houses of Parliament

The UK was in the headlines of every news channel recently due to its stand on leaving the European Union. Newspapers all over the world had articles discussing Brexit. However, they did not once mention one of the weirdest laws in the country.

If you are visiting the UK’s Houses of Parliament, make it a point not to die there as it is illegal to do so. Without a doubt, what makes this so extremely weird is that you obviously can’t arrest a dead person!



12 Weirdest Laws in the World
12 Weirdest Laws in the World


8. In Hong Kong, wives who discover that their husband is cheating may kill them

Hong Kong is a beautiful place, but it currently has one of the weirdest laws in place. Wives of adulterous husbands have the legal right to kill their husbands if they are caught cheating. There is a caveat to this law, however.

They have to kill them with their bare hands. Adulterous husbands of Hong Kong must clearly feel petrified that their wives will take matters into their own hands!


9. Women are not allowed to be topless in Liverpool unless they work in tropical fish shops

It is illegal for women to be topless in public in Liverpool. However, if they happen to work in a tropical fish shop, they are exempt from this law. What is the reasoning behind what is clearly one of the weirdest laws in the world? No one knows.

But if you are planning on visiting Liverpool, make a point of keeping your shirt on at all times.


10. You can’t own a dog in Iceland

Iceland is probably one the most captivating countries in the world as it contains unique and striking scenic views. However, it is also home to one of the weirdest laws in Europe. In Iceland, it is illegal to own a dog. The reason behind this is unknown, but dogs aren’t permitted to be man’s best friend in Iceland.


11. Weird baby names are illegal in Denmark


If all the globe’s celebrities lived in Denmark, all of their children would have normal names. This is because Denmark has a list of 7,000 official baby names. If you want to get creative with your baby’s name, you will have to approach the church and the government to get it approved. This is one of the weirdest laws you will find anywhere in the world.


12. It is illegal to hike nude in Switzerland


A few years ago, people would visit Switzerland because they could go for long hikes without wearing any clothes. However, the government decided to make this illegal when villagers began complaining about their accidental meetings with nude hikers. This is a weird and utterly hilarious law!

There you have it, the 12 weirdest laws in the world. If you know more about weird laws, leave a comment below.