10 Songs About Time to Give You Goose Bumps

10 Songs About Time to Give You Goose Bumps
10 Songs About Time to Give You Goose Bumps

If none of these songs about time give you goosebumps, you might be one of the 4% of people who have “musical anhedonia


For the other 94% of us, it is undeniable the way good music moves you deeply. You can judge the quality of a song by how it feels underneath your skin. So if none of the following songs give you goosebumps, you might have musical anhedonia.


10 Songs About Time to Give You Goose Bumps
10 Songs About Time to Give You Goose Bumps


Either way, all of these songs come with a guarantee of an emotional and spiritual experience. Time, as a theme, effects all of us. Our lives go by in the blink of an eye.

Here is a countdown of the 10 most moving songs about time:


10. Clocks – Coldplay

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The song opens like a rapidly beating heart. The lyrics suggest how time can feel like it is a stormy ocean of confusion crashing upon you like waves.

He asks “Am I part of the cure? Or am I part of the disease?“.

Time is a paradox; it is intangible but it controls us. We rush through never questioning whether our actions are helpful or hurtful. We long for the safety of home, to escape the confusion and complexity of the outside world.


9. Times Like These – Foo Fighters


Dave Grohl wrote this song when he felt like he was rising from the ashes of his past. This song celebrates new beginnings and taking hold of the moment. This song makes you feel that you can rise like a phoenix from any disaster life has given you.

This song is about having hope and compassion. For yourself, and in life itself. You have one life to live, and this song fills you with the strength to get up and keep living another day.


8. Time after Time – Cyndi Lauper


This is a love song that depicts the times one has spent with their lover. Lovers who go at different speeds in life, but still long to be there for each other.

Lauper said that the song was about a woman who felt unworthy of love. She doesn’t want to shut out others, but she feels forced to run. She is noticing that time hurtles on and she fears she will miss out on a connection.


7. Time – Lionel Ritchie


You feel the urgency as soon as the song begins. Lionel Ritchie sings about how time is out of our control. Life is painful, and life also has joy. Time hurtles on regardless.

He implores the listener to take the time to consider this. He asks you to consider the things you fill your time doing. Are you wasting your life? Are you missing important clues to a better future?


6. Only Time – Enya


Enya is famous for her haunting music and lyrics. Immediately as the song begins, you feel your soul flutter against its gentle breeze. This song speaks of how what will unfold in life is unknown to all but time. It is soothing, yet melancholic.

Poignantly, Enya donated proceeds of this single to the “Uniform Firefighters Association’s Widows’ and Children’s Fund” after the 9/11 tragedy.


10 Songs About Time to Give You Goose Bumps
10 Songs About Time to Give You Goose Bumpsd

5. The Times They Are A-Changin – Bob Dylan



Bob Dylan is prophetic in this song. He begs the listener to wake up to how the world is changing rapidly in frightening ways. He speaks of how the future generations will not be compliant with the old ways. He deliberately made it an anthem to change.

Dylan was famous for political themes in his music. He was also considered the most relevant voice during the 1960s. He recently won a Nobel Prize for his musical genius. If his music doesn’t move you, then nothing will.


4. When I Was Young – The Animals



In this song, lead singer of The Animals, Eric Burdon reminisces about his childhood. He ponders all of his childish adventures, and the things he once believed were important. Now he is older, he feels he has lost his faith and hope in life.

He misses the innocence of youth when one’s naivety enables them to see the best in people and the future.


3. Old Man – Neil Young


Neil Young once explained how he wrote this song when he had just bought a new ranch. Working on his ranch was an elder foreman who inspired the lyrics.

Young compares himself in his youth, to this man who is reaching the end of his days. It enables him to see the folly of youth and realizes that love is all that really has any worth.


2. Cats in the Cradle – Harry Chapin


A song about a busy father who always intends to spend time with his son, but never has time. It is a common theme in our fast paced world. As his son grows, and himself becomes busy, the father laments his lost opportunity.

Harry Chapin released this song not long after his son Joshua was born. So the emotion within the lyrics and music are extremely poignant.


1. Time – Pink Floyd



This song describes how despite best-laid plans, time will rush so fast you will only get caught in its rapid flow. It speaks of the difference between making plans and grabbing a hold of your destiny.

It opens with the sounds of clocks ticking, and alarms and chimes ring. Alarms that remind you that time has run out. This leaves you with a sinister feeling. The nature of time is ominous. When you waste it, you feel uncomfortable and nervous.

As you get older, time appears to move faster. You should make efforts to not waste the short time you have left.