Despite being obscure, there are many conspiracy theories that you may not be aware of that sufficiently grip many people with suffocating paranoia


People seek answers, and therefore this world is brimming with paranoid conspiracy theories, no matter how obscure. Indeed, humanity never feels satisfied with the fact that some things remain unknown. The human race is also notoriously impatient about seeking the truth. People will grasp at straws to come up with obscure answers. Answers that lack little if any, evidence to back them up.

Below we have examined 10 of the most obscure conspiracy theories gripping millions of people with paranoia every day of their lives.


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10. Codex Alimentarius

The Codex Alimentarius means “book of food” in Latin. Essentially, it is considered a global reference point for food processors and producers, consumers, national quality control bodies and international food trade. On the surface, it appears as though this is a good thing. The Codex Alimentarius presents itself as a way to end hunger and poverty, and other terrible things in the world. However, there are some who believe there are highly sinister motives behind it.

Firstly, none of the guidelines listed in the Codex Alimentarius are mandatory. Countries are free to draw up their own unique guidelines and standards. Nevertheless, many believe that the instructions are a conspiracy to control the world’s population. Indeed, some groups claim that global powers have set up the guidelines to systematically poison and even kill people.


9. Columbia vs. the Scaler Interferometer

Tragedy struck on February 1, 2003, when the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated upon reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Devastatingly, this killed all seven astronauts on board. According to NASA, the horrific event was the result of wing damage.  However, an amateur photographer produced an obscure and mysterious picture of the event. This bizarre picture caused conspiracy theorists to assume all sorts of things.

Within the photographer’s picture, the plasma streak of the plunging shuttle is clearly visible. However, additionally, one can see an obscure purple squiggly line looking as though it has struck the craft. Consequently, much speculation abounds as to what the strange purple squiggly line could be. Some assume that it was a lightning strike. Others explain that it is likely that the photographer shook the camera somehow, leaving an irregular light trail. Still, there are others who are not satisfied with these explanations.

Followers of Tom Bearden suggest that a scalar interferometer struck Columbia. Theories suggest that Tesla harnessed scalar waves as a kind of alternative energy. Conspiracy proponents believe that the government suppressed the knowledge of this supposed “free energy.” These same conspiracy theorists believe that Russia has created a weapon called the scalar interferometer, which they used to shoot down the Columbia.


8. Cold Fusion Cover Up

In 1989, two elite scientists, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons claimed during a press conference that they had discovered the secret to cold fusion. Cold fusion is considered a safe alternative to the current more controversial nuclear energy resources that many nations utilize. They claim that they can derive this energy at room temperature. Consquently, this means that there is no chance of catastrophic outcomes like Chernoybl, for example.

Unfortunately, the popular story goes that Fleischmann and Pons drew the ire of fellow scientists who had collaborated with their research in a different university. Consequently, authorities ensured that details of their procedures were never made available for other scientists to replicate. This meant that similar research could not repeat the claims of Fleischmann and Pons, and ultimately both scientists lost their reputations.

However, many conspiracy theorists believe that there was something more sinister that saw these elite scientists fall from grace.

Throughout the years, many other researchers have faithfully worked on trying to produce cold fusion. Despite a specific portion of scientists who doubt that it could exist, many believe that it is just a matter of time until this energy source is perfected and could be made available to the masses. What many conspiracy theorists believe is truly holding back progress in cold fusion research is the notorious “big oil.”

For many, it is not hard to believe that oil magnates would want to suppress cold fusion, as it would result in the dismantling of their industry. Indeed, money is more important than the state of the planet, to these profiteering corporations. And of course, it is not the first time that big oil has suppressed alternative energy sources. It is public knowledge that big oil has been involved in climate denial, it has set about to destroy electric car companies, and it has consistently lobbied against other renewable energy technology.





7. Black Eagle Fund

The Black Eagle Fund is a favorite of conspiracy theorists. However, it is challenging to find any sources or references to prove its existence. Consequently, conspiracy theorists merely feel more inspired and paranoid, alleging that the lack of proof points to a more sinister cover-up. According to these theorists, the Secretary of State during World War II, Henry Stimson, set up the Black Eagle Fund. His intention was to siphon the spoils of war from the Germans and Japanese.

Allegedly, the US government used these spoils, consisting of gold and art, to finance future corrupt activities. Corrupt activities such as false flag operations, election manipulating and secret international coups. Ultimately, the supposed primary motivation behind these nefarious activities was to make the US the most superior power in the world.

Conspiracy theorists also link the Black Eagle Fund to an alleged anonymous transaction of $200 billion that took place the day before the attacks on the World Trade Center, on September the 11th, 2001. The only mainstream media source to mention this was Fox News, and their claim that their information came from Reuters falls flat. Reuters simply does not have any reference on their website. Of course, this only fires the fuel of conspiracy theorists in their belief about government cover-ups.



6. Assassination of Olof Palme

Assassinations of world leaders always inspire conspiracy theories almost like a habit. The murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme on February 28, 1986, is no different, and to this day many obscure theories abound. While the Palme and his wife walked home from the cinema one evening, he was shot dead in cold blood. Strangely, he had no security guarding him.

Authorities initially arrested and imprisoned Christer Pettersson for manslaughter, after Palme’s wife identified him as the assassin. However, the Svea Court of Appeal went on to acquit him. Pettersson would die under mysterious circumstances in 2004. Consequently, many people developed conspiracy theories surrounding the motivation behind the killing of Palme. Much of the public doubted that Pettersson was the culprit. Interestingly, many made him into a quasi-cult figure.

Consequently, authorities have never uncovered the true identity of the killer. Conspiracy theorists assume many possible motivations, and there are many different theories about who committed the murder. Some of the hypotheses include the Yugoslavian security service, Swedish extremist Victor Gunnarsson, South African operatives amongst many others.


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