10 Most Obnoxious Things in The Universe

10 Most Obnoxious Things in The Universe
10 Most Obnoxious Things in The Universe

It’s okay to admit that you like to have a whine about obnoxious things.

The catharsis feels amazing! And this is despite the obnoxious thing not actually going away as a result.

We have scoured the interwebz and consulted with the netizens. And now we will countdown the 10 most obnoxious things in the entire universe. If you need to scream with frustration, we will not judge you for it.


10. Obnoxious Spam

The most obnoxious thing about spam is that spammers think we actually want to be spammed. Do they not realize we delete, delete, and delete again?

You didn’t ask for it. They don’t know you. Why are they interfering with your life? I don’t need my penis enlarged. I might not even have a penis to enlarge.

Spam has been around since the dawn of time. It just wasn’t called that. In the 80s, comedians from Monty Python wrote a sketch about a Viking who drowned out other’s in conversation by singing “spam” repeatedly. From then on, unsolicited messages became known as “spam“.


9. People Disturbingly Obsessed with Politics

Many assume that the most annoying thing about the recent US election was that a reality TV show star became President. However, that’s not actually true. This is America and its true capital is Hollywood, whether Americans admit it or not.

What was most obnoxious about the recent election period were the people disturbingly obsessed with politics.

In many cases, people could have a civil debate. But in most cases, debates turned vicious and ugly. Facebook and Twitter became like a wild jungle. One wrong tweet and you were verbally stoned to death.

Family meals became a battle-zone. Your republican Uncle would shove his politics down your liberal hippy sister’s throat faster than she could shovel a spoonful of mash potato in there. But then everyone started calling each other Nazis.

Talk about crossing the line!


10 Most Obnoxious Things in The Universe
10 Most Obnoxious Things in The Universe


8. Spoiled Kids Throwing Tantrums

Most kids throw a tantrum when overtired or overwhelmed. This is understandable and normal. But we can’t deny that there is a legion of spoiled brats out there who are screaming the roof down for stupid reasons.

Like the kids who don’t know the meaning of “no“. The ones who meltdown when you will not buy them the latest PlayStation or smartphone. There are kids who will tear a house apart because their parents can’t afford the latest pair of fashion sneakers for them.

All the while, kids in 3rd world countries are just happy to have running water and a decent meal each day – if they are lucky.

Spoiled kids are the absolute WORST.


7. Racists

You have to be extremely stupid to be racist. When you hear racists rant, you fear that your optic nerves will snap from your eyes rolling back into your head. Could anything be more stupid than racism?

If aliens visited the planet, they would think we were a ridiculous bunch of creatures. Groups of humans believing they are more superior to other groups of humans.

All these aliens would see from their perspective is a collection of humans of various shades. But, otherwise identical in every other way. In fact, we will probably never know if aliens exist because they probably think humans are too stupid to bother with.



10 Most Obnoxious Things in The Universe
10 Most Obnoxious Things in The Universe

6. Terrorist Psychos

Terrorist psychos are racists on steroids. They take the stupidity of racism and bigotry to a whole new level. These idiots actually think they have the right to murder other humans. You have to be completely screwed in the head to think that.

Terrorists are the same as the spoiled kids who have tantrums because they can’t get what they want. Except horrifyingly they have guns and bombs.

Clearly, they don’t have the brain power to negotiate in an intelligent debate.


5. Slow Walkers Who Block Your Path

Some people just don’t understand that other people have lives to lead too. Slow walkers think that they can dictate the footpath. Every day is a vacation to them, but they don’t realize it is not a vacation for everyone else!

People have deadlines, others have emergencies. And it is worse when the slow walker is clearly doing it as a power trip!

Sure, some people are clearly oblivious, walking in some kind of daydream. Well, its time for them to wake up!

And then there are those who believe they should control the lives of others. They walk slowly as some kind of superiority-complex statement. They are the WORST!


4. Moronic Bullies

Moronic Bullies probably only have a pea-sized brain. They are completely incapable of intelligent interaction. Their self-esteems are the size of a gnat. And to make themselves feel big they hurt those weaker than them.

Bullying in school can leave lasting trauma to those who were victims. At that age, your world is quite small, and the bullies loom larger than life.

Depressingly, many kids commit suicide after experiencing intolerable bullying. And with the advances in internet technology, many kids are subject to bullying 24/7.

Sadly, schools need to do a LOT more to prevent bullying.


10 Most Obnoxious Things in The Universe
10 Most Obnoxious Things in The Universe


3. Justin Bieber

Well, netizens are under the impression that Justin Bieber is more obnoxious than all the preceding items. Who are we to argue?

He does happen to be a whiney, little, spoiled brat. Maybe he fits into category 8, mentioned earlier. His music is awful, and he went from being a marginally cute kid to an overgrown moron.

To make it worse, he is cruel to his devoted fans. They all must have Stockholm syndrome. He literally hates them and is not ashamed to tell them he hates them.

On many occasions, the press has reported incidents of his verbal abuse towards the fans. These are the people that enable him to have a career in the first place!


2. Second Hand Smoke

The obnoxiousness of second-hand smoke is monumental. Most smokers understand they have a dirty deadly habit and keep it to themselves. But there are some exceedingly selfish individuals who want to spread their deadly smoke with everyone.

Smoking can be fatal. Lung cancer is a traumatic and painful road to death. There is kind of a passive terrorism going on with people who want to breathe their death fumes all over you.

You have to be fairly brainless to think this is an okay thing to do. And to top it off, people who do this need to realize they stink like a trash can. It is the opposite of cool. These people should feel ashamed of themselves!


1. Mosquitos

Yes, the thing considered most obnoxious in the universe are mosquitos. Netizens have spoken. And we report it here.

But can we blame these tiny instincts? Not technically. But we will. Because they are obnoxious. They decided to evolve throughout the eons into the most obnoxious creature on the planet.

Not only do they silently insert insane itching poison into your skin, they are also known to carry deadly diseases. Yes, mosquitos decided to evolve into murderers.

In fact, they are officially considered one of the most dangerous animals on earth. They kill over a million people per year. And the billions they don’t kill may end up living with brain damage, chronic pain, and blindness.

Literally, half the world population is at risk from these tiny little killers.

We are therefore not surprised that mosquitos reign at number 1 on the list of the most obnoxious things in the universe.

If you can think of anything more annoying than what is on this list, please mention it in the comments!