Modern American Presidents, Who Are the Top 10 Worst?

The 10 Most Hated Modern American Presidents
The 10 Most Hated Modern American Presidents

Who do the American people believe are the most hated modern American Presidents?


Americans are extremely passionate about politics, and depending on their political persuasion, they have either passionately loved or vehemently hated their Presidents. Some Americans believe the hatred for various Presidents is for good reason. Especially when revelations emerge that they were involved in corruption and scandals. However, for many, it is just a clash of personality.

So contentious is this issue, American’s have had violent clashes over their hatred of particular Presidents. Some have accused them of being evil or Satanic. For example, following the recent Trump election, staff gave college students safe spaces in which to cry and comfort one another.

Why exactly do Americans have such excessive and extreme feelings towards their Presidents, compared to the rest of the world? Why are some American Presidents so very hated? Below we present ten recent Presidents ranked according to how much they were hated:


10. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt ranks lowest of the ten most hated American President in modern history. Consequently, many may defend his position in the ranking as he is famed for leading the United States out of the Great Depression.

Nevertheless, at that time, many Americans felt disgruntled by his Presidency. Additionally, a considerable amount of Americans felt upset about Roosevelt’s imprisonment of innocent Japanese Americans following the US Army’s bombing of Pearl Harbor. Yet other Americans feared much worse. Many felt concerned that Roosevelt was attempting to create a dictatorship. as he appeared to them to be a warmonger.


9. Lyndon Johnson

Most remember Lyndon Johnson as the US President associated with the Vietnam war. Indeed, this controversial war remains the subject of hot debate to this very day. Many Americans have still not forgiven him for drafting so many young men to fight in this war.

To make matters worse, he took up the role of President immediately after the assassination of one of the most beloved American leaders of all time, John F. Kennedy. Many Americans felt the stark contrast between the two to be immensely palpable. Johnson did, however, begin his term with a plan to follow through with the intentions of the late Kennedy.


8. Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton’s term as President became marred by a sex scandal, which reduced his popularity greatly with the American public. Not only did he engage in sexual activities with a young intern, he initially made a public denial about it.

Many American people felt they couldn’t trust his word any longer, as he had so publicly lied.

Additionally, a woman by the name of Paula Jones laid sexual harassment charges against Clinton, which served to tarnish his reputation further. Consequently, the House of Representatives began an impeachment process charging him with perjury and obstruction of justice. Ultimately, he was acquitted.


7. Ronald Reagan

Generally, the American public remembers Ronald Reagan fondly, and indeed he was very successful with foreign policy. However, opinion polls revealed that he was not without his critics. On a superficial level, many Americans were astounded that this retired Hollywood actor would see himself as fit to run their entire nation. Reagan had a lot to prove.

Nevertheless, many felt that Reagan was against the working man. They also believed that he sought to punish the middle classes with high taxation. Many other Americans believe that he only served the wealthy at the expense of the poor. Yet others accused Reagan of increasing unemployment during his first three years in office, from 7% to 11%.


6. Barak Obama

The American public had split opinions of Barak Obama. The people either adored or bitterly hated him. Obama was the first African-American President. Consequently, many saw the public’s election of him to office as evidence of equality for all Americans, regardless of race.

A lot of fake news circulated about Obama’s childhood origins, however, nothing was ever substantiated. Various members of the Republican party also sort to have him impeached. The most serious allegation against him involved accusations that he had instigated a cover-up of the truth about the 2012 Benghazi attack. Nevertheless, the majority of the American public disagreed with the idea that the Republicans should impeach him.


The 10 Most Hated Modern American Presidents
The 10 Most Hated Modern American Presidents


5. Jimmy Carter

The public’s disfavor of Jimmy Carter stems from his meddling in Middle Eastern affairs. Many allege he caused problems there to flare up more intensely than before. Consequently, his audacity horrified and outraged many Americans.

Additionally, other American critics accused Carter of being without substance in his policy making. Instead, he appeared obsessed with process, methods, and instruments. Many felt that this was a cover for his inability to understand or deal with domestic problems. His obsession with foreign activism led to domestic inconsistencies that resulted in a difficult recession.


4. Donald Trump

Many Americans believe that Donald Trump felt even more surprised to end up as President of the United States than they felt. Leading up to his announcement to run he already had a notorious reputation as an outspoken reality TV star and egotistical businessman and billionaire.


The 10 Most Hated Modern American Presidents
The 10 Most Hated Modern American Presidents


The American public feels either extreme love or extreme hate of Trump, and there is no in between. Those who hate him are extremely emotional and dramatic about their bitterness towards him.

Many have compared him to the likes of Hitler; however, others do not even see him as intelligent enough to be capable of that kind of evil, and they don’t feel that extreme about their hatred of him. Instead, they merely see him as a buffoon court jester who accidentally found himself wearing the King’s crown.

As Trump is not yet a year into his Presidency, the opinion poll’s measure of his true popularity will not be revealed for a few years.





3. Richard Nixon

The mention of the name Richard Nixon immediately conjures the memory of the infamous Watergate scandal. Much of the American public recall him as being corrupt and morally lacking.

Initially, Nixon rose to popularity due to his anti-communist stance. Fear of the USSR during the Cold War was a valuable tool that American politicians could use to incite patriotism – and votes. Incidentally, he ended the Vietnam war and managed to have all of the POWs returned home.

Additionally, he abolished the mandatory draft. Nevertheless, the Watergate scandal left a tarnish on his reputation so that most of the American public struggle to forgive him.


2. Warren G. Harding

Many Americans compare Warren G. Harding to Richard Nixon. Harding wears accusations of dishonesty and corruption. Additionally, he once even admitted: “I am not fit for this office and should never have been here.

He allegedly appointed many political cronies who were inept and dishonest. Consequently, he found himself tangled in numerous scandals for which they were the source. Nevertheless, his legacy saw him opening up international relations with China and shortening the length of the depression in the early 1920s.


1. George W. Bush

According to opinion polls, George W. Bush was the most hated modern President of the United States. The American people’s complaints about his Presidency are almost endless. In fact, many Americans believe people’s criticisms of Barak Obama are unfounded as he was cleaning up the mess that Bush had left behind.

Bush stands accused of being a liar and a warmonger. Many Americans hate him for his meddling in the Middle East. Additionally, many viewed his invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq as the poking of the hornet’s nest that unleashed the wrath of ISIS.

The American public also felt that Bush’s response to the horrific tragedies of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina lacked in compassion; the aftermath of these events dealt with clumsily.

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